A Cool Drink of Water
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Children's Book Author Barbara Kerley
Illustrated with photographs from around the world

Published by National Geographic
"Stunning photographs shine through this international tour of water gathering around the world.... Children will be entranced by the beautiful images of a basic substance that connects us all.  Excellent for cross-cultural discussions."

                                                                                Booklist, starred review
"Gorgeous full-page illustrations and minimal text give global perspective to the idea that water is basic to all human life.  Photos depict people collecting, transporting, and drinking the liquid while the poetic text reminds readers that "Everyone/Everywhere" enjoys "A nice, cool drink of water.".... A spread at the back of the book includes...captions and a map identifying the locations of the shots.... Enjoyable to browse and a stunning introduction to a unit on water."
                                                        School Library Journal, starred review
Blue Ribbon winner -- The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Silver Award winner -- The National Parenting Publications Awards

Nominated for Young Reader awards in Indiana and Tennessee
"The striking color photographs...vividly illustrate the coolness, sparkle, and desirability of water as it's drunk, stored, and transported around the world.... This attractive multicultural book will appeal to readers and browsers of various ages or could be used as an eye-catching introduction to a thematic unit on water and its vital importance to all mankind."
                                                                                Children's Literature
Everyone, everywhere, needs water for life.  Stored in clay pots, carried in brass jugs, transported by camel... all over the world, people are drinking water.
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