Children's Book Author
A Bit About Me

Here I am, the fifth-grade hippie.

I'm wearing my favorite blue-and-white sweater, and, though you can't see it in the picture, my first pair of real blue jeans.  (Don't laugh.  It was 1970 and girls didn't wear blue jeans as much then.)  I loved my jeans.  My mom made me give them over on laundry days but otherwise, I wore them whenever I could.

By fifth grade I was reading constantly.  I also played soccer (which I liked) and piano (which I didn't).  I loved helping my mom in the kitchen and going outside at night to look at the stars.
The three of us didn't spend that much time together unless we were in the back seat of the car, driving each other crazy while my parents drove all day to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Since I got carsick (bad), I got to have a window seat (good) but wasn't allowed to get a milkshake (bad) when we stopped for lunch (good -- unless I was queasy, but even then, just getting out of the car was good.)
Swimming with the fishies...

When my husband and I moved to Guam, we learned how to SCUBA dive.

Even though we're 30 feet below sea level, he is still doing 'bunny ears' behind my head.
A death-defying Alaskan adventure...

Our daughter Anna, having the boots eaten off her feet by a pair of sled dog puppies.
Have to write a report for school?

OK, on the off chance that you need to write an author report for school, you may need a bit more info than the fact that I used to get carsick as a kid and that I got my first pair of jeans when I was in fifth grade.  So here's a little more:

*  When I was studying English in college in Chicago, a friend gave me a pair of aquatic frogs as a present.  They were very hard to feed.

*  After college, I joined the Peace Corps and went to Nepal to teach math, science, and English.  I hiked with some friends part of the way to Mount Everest.  (So OK, we didn't get to the top.  We didn't even make it to the first basecamp.  We did get up to 14,000 feet and it was still cold.)

*  When I returned to the United States, I got a job as the Cinnamon Roll queen at a huge bakery.  I wrestled, pulled, and pounded huge slabs of dough into long rolls the size of boa constrictors, then sliced them up and put them on pans to bake.

*  Once when our family was traveling in Costa Rica, a beetle fell all the way into my ear while I was sleeping (which, yes, woke me up.)  It sounded huge in there.  I couldn't figure out how to get it out until I finally decided to dribble a handful of water into my ear and then turn my head to the other side and shake it out.  Even though it sounded huge, it turned out to be a tiny black beetle the size of a peppercorn.

OK, do you have enough for your report?  If not, click here for more.

Oh yeah, one last thing:

Don't click here, whatever you do, and I'm not kidding!
So there I was, ten years old.
My brother was 12 and at a different school.  My sister was 16 and on another planet.